Bullying / Peer Pressure / Academic Pressure / Parental Divorce

Living as a tween or teen in the new millennium can be chaotic, and leave young adults feeling excited, scared, or overwhelmed.  Our young adults have all the same struggles their parents had during this time of immense change in their lives, but with technology and information at their fingertips, along with increased pressure to perform academically, athletically, and socially its easy to see how today's kids can experience magnified stress or anxiety if some of the areas of life get out of balance.  Many times stresses can manifest as behavioral issues and dealing with the root cause can be more productive and sustainable than punishments.

I work with young adults who are experiencing stress or trauma related to: 

  • Bullying and related effects
  • Self-esteem lapse
  • Managing peer pressure
  • Loss of a loved one or friend
  • Understanding parents' divorce 
  • Academic & athletic pressure 
  • Difficult situations with peers or family members
  • Depression
  • Self-hurt
  • Drug & alcohol abuse

My Methods

It sounds overly simple, but the most important method to communicate with adolescents is to avoid talking down to them. They are not adults, and should not be treated as if they were, but people of all ages appreciate being addressed with respect and without judgement.  Youth especially value having someone to talk to who is really listening and will understand what they are trying to communicate.  Learning how to communicate with parents, friends, and loved ones while they find their footing as an individual can be critical to re-establishing balance.

The treatment plan for each individual case in this wide age group is just as unique as the person and situation(s) they face.  It can be as simple as learning to apply the right coping skills to the right situation, or require a gradual development of skills, perspectives and behaviors leading to self-sufficient management of emotions and relationships.