Family Therapy Services

I can't promise anyone to create perfect family, but I can promise you that there is no such thing.  All families have their ups and downs and we all know that co-existing inside a family unit is not always an easy or fun time.  Each of us is an individual with our own preferences and values that sometimes conflict with those around us.  There are times in life where a family needs an outsider to help assess where communication breaks down, where boundaries are not aligned, and where daily stress and outside influence has gotten in the way of simply loving and supporting each other.  I am honored that families will allow me to coach them in respecting each other and exploring new paths of communication that build a lasting, sustainable trust. 

Understanding Family Dynamics

It is very important to assess the ways in which family members interact with each other and organize themselves within the family unit in order to identify where problems take root.  Each family is made up of unique individuals and over time develops it's own structure, language, patterns and cues.  I will offer my clients a view into the inner-workings of their family as well as an environment to learn and practice positive conflict resolution skills.  Sometimes all that is needed is an emotionally  safe place for family members to hear and be heard, and other times more intensive work is needed at the individual and group level to facilitate positive change.  

My goal for each family is a new perspective and appreciation for each other that strengthens bonds and reduces stress.