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When you seek out a therapist, you are entrusting someone you've never met with the well being of you and your family, so it's important that you learn more about me as you make your decision. 

I am a Mom of three myself, but I've never lost that playful spirit of childhood.  My therapeutic approach is typically positive and fun, however, I take client care very seriously as I support children, adolescents and families on their journey toward achieving their goals.  I enjoy collaborating with individuals and families to help uncover strengths and improve relationships while promoting positive communication skills and improved coping skills that can be easily transitioned from the our sessions into everyday life. 

My specialties include:

·         Treating children & adolescents ages (4-17)

·         Engaging parents, siblings, and family

·         Play Therapy

·         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

·         Strengthening Parenting Skills & Techniques



I have dedicated my career to focus on the unique needs of children, adolescents and their families.  I have earned both my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University; earned and maintain multiple professional certifications; and have been licensed by the state of Michigan as a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW).  

My professional career of over 14 years has been focused on providing Child & Family Therapy directly to clients, and to enhance my ability to provide the best care, I have developed connections within the West Michigan mental health community, and developed  diversified professional  experiences which include:

·         Foster Care Case Management

·         Leading group therapy sessions

·         On-Site school therapy & grief counseling

·         Coordinating in-patient care at local providers

·         Supervision of a team of Therapists